Think it easy to have puppies?  Think again.  Here is Luna’s story:  She had to finish her championship and grand championship.  That means since Australian Terriers are a rare breed, that we traveled, a bunch:  to Chattanooga, TN, St. Louis, MO, Sacramento, CA, and lots of Wyoming and Colorado places.   So now on to the next steps.  Yes, she has passed all of her health testing:  Thyroid, Patellas, Eyes are all normal.  But then the hard work begins.

In early January Luna and I traveled to meet Susan Duncan and Ivan (CH Redwing Shoot the Moon).  After spending time together we hope that puppies will be in the works.  Watch our News page for more info.

CH Redwing Shoot the Moon (Ivan)  Pedigree


GCH RedSky Total Eclipse(Luna) Pedigree




2 Responses to Puppies

  1. Charisse Wilson says:

    I would like to inquire about you latest litter. I was wonder if you still have any available or if they all have been spoken for. My family and I are really interested. When you have a chance could you please provide us with any information. Thank you in advance.


  2. Lisa Pagliarulo says:

    Hi. We are friends of Kim O and are on our second Aussie from her. We would love a new girl puppy. Are any available from this litter?

    Yes, we may have one girl available. Please give me a call at 307 421 1999 CDT.




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