GCH Redhawk RedSky Purple Heart TN (Raven)

Raven is a Wellington daughter out of Zoie, a lovely Redhawk girl, and co-owned by myself, Elaine, and Mike and Ellen Chaput, who she lives with in Florida.  She lived with us for her first 6 months of life and Eldon, my spouse, raised her to be a man’s dog for Mike, and she certainly loves Mike to pieces.   She will do whatever Mike asks of her and I have got to show her and raise a litter of puppies with her.  I have never seen her refuse to do anything, just a sweetheart and so cooperative, willing to please.  In fact, Raven’s first litter was in spring 2019 and she raised super sweet puppies, so it seems she passes great temperament on to her kids.

Raven goes to hunting camp with Mike and just about anywhere with him and would prefer to go to work with him but she just hasn’t convinced him that this is the best decision yet.  She loves Mike’s son equally.  So, maybe, she really is a man’s dog.

One of her puppy boys, Rufus, now lives in Sweden, and we are hopeful he will have a great show career and his Swedish family loves him to pieces.  Moyta, another of her sons, lives in Germany with his family and he also has begun his show career and we are hopeful that he will do well.   KC, her daughter that lives with us, is a sweetie who thinks she needs to be with us 24/7 and is a delight to live with, happy is her middle name.