Luna’s First Litter is Due 3/27/19


Think it easy to have puppies?  Think again.  Here is Luna’s story:  She had to finish her championship and grand championship.  That means since Australian Terriers are a rare breed, that we traveled, a bunch:  to Chattanooga, TN, St. Louis, MO, Sacramento, CA, and lots of Wyoming and Colorado places.   So now on to the next steps.  Yes, she has passed all of her health testing:  Thyroid, Patellas, Eyes are all normal.  But then the hard work are begins.  We have to find just the right boy.  As we traveled we checked out the boys that were present, and, one boy stood out:  CH Sundog Clockwork Orange (Alex).  We watched him in Sacramento, CA in 2016.  Luna and I could hardly take our eyes off of this handsome little boy.  He wasn’t even a year old yet, but we knew he was special.

Luna and Alex are related.  Luna is Alex’s paternal great aunt as she is a full sister to his grandfather (Wellington).  So, we asked Sue Bachman and Teresa Schreeder of Ryba kennel if we let Alex be a dad and they said, “yes!”  But, how are we going to do this?  Luna lives in the Kansas City area and Alex lives in the Sacramento area.  Well, let’s just say that frozen boys’ “magic” can fly.  His first stop was in Brighton, CO, and he stayed there for a few months.  Right before we needed Alex and his magic to show up he flew into Kansas City (like 2 days before, just in time).  And, after Luna was bred artificially, we wait.

Now what is happening with Luna?  As of 2/17/19, she has had a bit of a rough week.  She has not been interested in food.    This is 23 days after she was bred.  Around days 19-21 the puppies implant in the uterine wall, that makes the girls a little seasick sometimes.  So, that is a good sign!  We will do an ultrasound about 2/28/19 to confirm pregnancy. 🙂 lunabobcheyenne