GCH Roachan’s Live and Let Fly at RedSky ROMX (Fergie)

Fergie was #1 AT bitch in 2011 (#15 overall)


Fergie is our main foundation Mom.  She came to our from Susan Duncan, our Australian Terrier mentor, Redwing Australian Terriers, who did a breeding with the Roachan Australian Terriers.  Fergie is now 13 and still rules our house.   She is the mother of our national specialty winner, Wellington, and the mother of Ruthie and Luna, and has been the mother of many lovely puppies in both conformation and temperament.
Fergie has the “ball” gene and has passed that on to many of her puppies.  She loves to have you throw the ball for her and retrieve it, in fact, to the point where she would exhaust you and her both.  And, she does not share her ball with other dogs.  She is the alpha girl in our house and the Fergie rules are the rules of our house and every person and dog must respect the Fergie rules of our house.  She isn’t mean about it, but it is clear she is boss.  Just try to eat a piece of cheese without sharing with her and you will understand what I mean.
Fergie is a Register of Merit Excellent Dam which means she has had many champions and grand champions and those champions have done well in the breed rings and the group rings.  She is is still the grand dam of all of the puppies and loves to train all of the new puppies that are born in the house, no matter who the mom is.  She washes their ears, lets them crawl all over her and lets them snuggle in for naps in her ruff.  What a love she is.

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