CH Jaskarin I Absolutely Love It TN (Cia)

Cia is our Swedish girl.  She came to from Saija Reimen-Wallden, the Jaskarin Kennel in Sweden, in May of 2017.   Saija has raised over a 100 Australian Terrier champions, so we are privileged to have Cia in our midst.  She is a funny clown and lives with my neice, Sarah, her husband and 2 children.  She is so happy that she loves to leap in the air out of joy, especially when someone get a leash and says the word, “Walk.”  Sarah’s family had never had a dog before, so Cia is teaching/training them about terriers.  They love her to pieces now and have learned that terriers can sometimes convince you that they want to be in charge, so they are learning to be the alpha dog, in charge.  And, Cia, is letting them because she wants to please them.

Cia also has a language of her own, she is very expressive with her eyes, ears, the wag of her tail, a dance on her hind legs, and a little “hummm” and you would think she can speak English sometimes.  Anyway, she is good at making you laugh.  We are hoping she will have her first litter the spring of 2020.