Now that we have moved to the Kansas City area, we also have more good news!  Ruby will be having at least 5 puppies around August 5, 2017.  She had an ultrasound last week and is doing very well.  Yeah, puppy breath!

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Sumo wrestlers at large…

The puppies have learned to sit up and toddle pretty well in the.last couple of days.  I even heard a bark this morning.  I think that bark really surprised their Mom Luna.  Never a dull moment in puppy land.

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Getting my groove on…walking!

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All by myself…got my Momma all by myself.

Well when you are the littlest you have to be smart and have the whole milk bar to yourself sometimes.  Makes catch up easier!


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Day 10 In Luna’s Puppy Land

Well, every morning and evening, we weigh the puppies to make sure they are gaining weight and we also do their puppyculture.com exercises.  Today Miss Purple was a little squirmy, but I thought, you will be done in a second, and I will put you back in your bed for a nap.  Just a quick photo and you will be done.   Eldon took this first photo and I thought nothing of it, then the 2nd photo.  But now I realize the first photo was Miss Purple taking a big poo all over my shirt and the second photo was her being exhausted after all of that exertion.  Never dull in Puppy Land.  She is resting comfortably now and I am doing laundry.  Little stinker.

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Just a little extra love in a bottle makes the day so good.

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And now we are 5 days old!

We have all gained at least half of our birth weight!

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The 5 Have Arrived! Happy St. Pats Day!

Luna had 5 babies this morning after a wild ride to the veterinarian.  The first puppy made Luna work hard, over 100 minutes of pushing out the kid coming backwards.  We decided it was best to load up Luna and all of the gear and head to the vet.

1.5 Miles down the road, Luna in her crate, Eldon driving and me in the back seat next to Luna and she gave a big push (to the opposite side of the crate of course).  And out popped Mr. Stuck.   Eldon pulled over, I am wiping off the puppy, trying to grab a forcep, the placenta  (so Mom won’t dispose of it) and the puppy to clean him up.  Craziness.

We head back home after a few minutes and POP! out comes a little girl.  Now I have 2 puppies in the back seat in my lap, 2 placentas and Mom Luna the Licking Machine.  Did I say I forgot the scissors, so no detaching from the placenta right now?

Within 30 minutes of the first puppy arriving, we have 4!  Maybe that sounds great, but to clean, weigh, check, do everything for each puppy and get them to nurse, this is lightning speed.  I was thankful Mr. Five took an hour before he showed up.

We were thinking that Luna would deliver Saturday, Sunday or Monday because we did progesterone testing which is very accurate.  But, she decided she was a 64 day girl not a 63 day girl and she decided that she was having 5 not 6 that we thought we saw on the ultrasound.  She and I were up all night last night monitoring for contractions and puppy heartbeats and finally at 7:30am Mr. Stuck showed up.  So, you see, Luna has been in charge all along.  And she loves ice cream.   She seems fine but her midwife is shell shocked a bit.  🙂  Lunafirstborn

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