Now that we have moved to the Kansas City area, we also have more good news!  Ruby will be having at least 5 puppies around August 5, 2017.  She had an ultrasound last week and is doing very well.  Yeah, puppy breath!

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Redsky Total Eclipse (Luna) CHIC

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Luna’s puppies, last photos before they fledge to their new family homes…..

The puppies will be 10 weeks old very quickly and are moving on to their new homes. With Covid19 that has put some extra stress on when and how to get the puppies to their new homes, but their new families have stepped up to the challenge and have made decisions as to how to get them home safely for all. But, before those photos, here is just one last set of puppy antics.20200517_184323(1)20200520_070454(1)20200517_18432320200520_07045420200517_18450020200520_070231

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Too cool outside so we are being garage cool]


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Ears are flying up n up!

These ears are lifting. And oh Come still works.20200509_18180620200509_181711_HDR

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Daily Darling Dose

Here we are in all of our glory, speed and goofiness!20200507_07185920200505_07195820200507_07212520200505_07181220200507_072213(1)

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Fly by — that should be their names.


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And now we are freeeeee!

The Doggie Door Great Escape! We just watched Mom and Grandma Fergie and KC and learned how to do this!!! Smartie.

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It is the Battle of the Box!

Having confidence is the mark of a terrier. I think these little characters are going to make the grade.

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Spring is good and so much to investigate at 5 weeks old

This gallery contains 8 photos.

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KC and the kids

KC is in Heaven. She gets to be with the little ones. She has been waiting and waiting and waiting. And now she is enjoying them so much. Luna has relaxed and Fergie even says KC is doing well. KC has been given the stamp of approval by Mom Luna and Grandma Fergie–pretty good for KC who is only 12 months old and full of goofiness but super sweet to the 5 week old puppies.

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