About Us


     I am a dairy farmer’s daughter that grew up with lots of animals around — dairy calves that I fed twice a day, my pony and horse that I showed, and of course, my faithful dog would always be by my side. 

I not only was responsible for caring for the sick calves, but I worked for 7 years as a vet tech for my surrogate dad, our local veterinarian.  He had a small and large animal practice and raised quarter horses also.  I had horses most of my life until I was 35 when we finally sold them.  I have always had at least one dog in my life.  Most of them were crossbred dogs.  Although, I have owned an Australian Shepherd, St. Bernard and a beagle which were all registered.  Therefore, I have had a long history of loving animals.  My life would not seem complete without animals.

It seems like my house should be full of dog hair with 4 full time Australian Terrier residents, but when you have a minimal shed breed it makes all of the difference.  I love these Aussies.  They are strong and would hike all day with you, come home and eat and then get up and see if there are any foolish mice in the backyard.  They are also “chill” when you just want to read a book or watch TV.  They are the happiest dogs who love to please you and insist on being your very best friends.  Sometimes their intelligence and curiosity gets them in trouble, but once they learn the rules of the house, they love to do what makes you happy. 
Hope we can help you find your beloved buddy!

Our goal is to raise healthy puppies that will be members of your family.  We now use a socialization program called puppyculture.com.  It is focused on making healthy puppy family members.  

We feed grain free high quality dog food to avoid inducing allergies in our own dogs as well as our puppies.  We microchip our puppies before they leave our home to help the new owners ensure that they are helped should their puppy wander off.  We vaccinate our puppies at 8, 12, and 16 weeks with a 5 in 1 vaccine. 

We recommend that you spay/neuter after the puppies are about 15-18 months old as research shows this allows proper growth of joints and muscle formation and also reduces the risk of ACL tears and cancer.

Our veterinarian is Sandi Leonard, DVM, Whole Health Pet Center, Raymore MO, 816 331 1863.  You are welcome to check us out with them.  Health testing is performed prior to breeding.  Typically we would have eye testing (CERF), thyroid testing (MSU), and OAF knee testing.  The results of these tests is available upon request.


2 Responses to About Us

  1. Penny Taylor says:

    I see on the Austrailian Terrier web sight that you are expecting puppies. I am interested in a male puppy or adult. I am experienced with terriers and would love to hear from you. What part of WY are you in?


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