Welcome to Red Sky Australian Terriers!

We are a small breeder of quality Australian terriers, bred and raised to excel in a variety of pursuits. We live in the Kansas City area now.   ALL of our puppy parents go through rigorous health testing:  Eyes, Patellas (knees), and Thyroid and now also Degenerative Myelopathy.  If you don’t pass the tests, then you are not parents at RedSky.  Our 2020 Litters are from parents that have good health testing for at least 4 generations back.

We are one of the few Australian Terrier Breeders who have chosen to test all of our living dogs for Degenerative Myelopathy.  Why?  Although we have no known proven cases of dogs in this decade that have had DM, it is a terrible, debilitating disease of which Australian Terriers can be carriers.  All of our dogs have tested clear and we will only breed to dogs that have tested clear for DM.  Why again?  We watched one AT die from a disease that was so similar to DM (never confirmed by necropsy) that most were convinced this dog did have DM.  It was devastating for the dog and its family.  We are dedicated to trying to have the healthiest and happiest puppies possible, therefore, we have chosen to always test for DM now.  In DM, you can have 3 kinds of test results:  clear, carrier, affected.  Clear test results are the only ones that will not genetically pass on the possibility of producing the DM disease and this is our requirement to be RedSky parents.  Carrier and Affected test results can produce DM offspring and we will not take this chance.

Visit our pages to learn more about us and see why a puppy from us could be your next companion, performance partner or conformation champion.

We are an American Kennel Club Breeder of Merit and believe in using Puppy Culture practices to socialize our puppies so that they become a great family member.  Go to puppyculture.com to see the difference in puppies raised this way.

We are planning two litters in the Spring 2020!

GCH (Grand Champion) RedSky Total Eclipse (Luna) is a blue tan little girl who will be bred to CH Redwing Shoot the Moon (Ivan) who is also blue tan.  Since Luna has a red mom, (Fergie), she will be able to have both blue tan and red puppies.  We are hoping for March puppies for this litter as Luna was bred January 15th.  Ivan is a young dog of great promise, he was the 2019 Futurity winner at our 2019 National Specialty.

CH Jaskarin I Absolutely Love It (Cia) is our little blue tan Swedish girl from the famous Jaskarin kennel.   She is going to be bred to our 2012 National Specialty Winner, Wellington, BISS GCHB RedSky Flyboy Wellington who is a dark red color.  This litter will also have the possibility of both colors of puppies.  We are hoping for April puppies but Cia has not told us for sure when yet!

We already have several people on our waiting list for puppies, so if you are interested, please contact us by email.  If you are really interested, then please fill out our puppy questionnaire on our puppy page and forward it to us!

Here is our last litter was from Raven, GCH RedHawk RedSky Purple Heart and they were born March 31, 2019.  Our KC is from this litter.  Two of the boys from this litter went to Europe.  One of the boys, Rufus, went to Sweden to the Jaskarin kennel and lives with a lovely family there.  The other boy, Moyta, lives in Germany with a great family and hopes to be a showdog and a dad some day also.


Theses are the parents of our 2017 litter:

GCH  Aka Inu Corrado x GCH RedSky Princess Ruby the First (both are red dogs)

Look what Corrado did the weekend of July 15 2017!

Group First (Judge James Fredericksen)  and Group 1 (Judge Pamela Peat) !!!



This is Corrado:





This is Ruby.    3 Red girl puppies were born August 6, 2017!  All are now in their new homes!


News Flash! The fabulous aussie art print from Ellen Chaput is here!  Please email Ellen at ellcha@yahoo.com for purchase information.


3 Responses to Home

  1. Joshua Janous says:

    Hi my girlfriend and I were wondering how much your puppies are? And where are y’all located in Wyoming. We live in casper


  2. Elaine Strid says:

    Addie is still available for a new home. She is house trained, a sweetheart, spayed, microchipped, registered and has all of her shots!


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